Beat the Clock with These Cleaning Shortcut Tips!

This is a guest post from Simply Maid Australia.

So much to do and so little time to do it all! Yes, it always seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day when you’re tied up with work, cooking, taking care of the kids and grocery shopping. Moreover, household cleaning tends to take up much of our time amidst it all. But when it comes to the kids and work, time cannot be compromised here; therefore, you need some home cleaning shortcuts so that you can free up more of your time for family & leisure. And we’ve got 5 great cleaning shortcuts to share that not only save on your time, but also making cleaning easier!

1. Washing Dishes is Now a Breeze!

When you think about it, doing dishes is only difficult if food hardens on them or you allow your dirty dishes to pile up. Well, here’s a good tip for you to lessen the burden and definitely speed up the process. When you’re ready to start cooking, plug the kitchen sink and pour in some dish soap. Fill about 3/4th of the sink with hot water to make a soapy solution. As the cooking begins and more and more items get dirty, start soaking them in the sink after you have finished using them so that they are ready to be cleaned once your meal is left to cooked. Since you’ve soaked your dirty dishes and kitchen items before any food can harden on them, they won’t even need to be scrubbed. You simply pull each soapy item out of the water and give them a quick wipe with a sponge, and then rinse clean. Avoid soaking knives and peelers, however, as prolonged exposure to water causes bluntness

2. Clean Fan Blades in a Matter of Seconds!

Typically, you would tie a scarf around your nose and mouth, climb up a ladder with a rag in your hand and wipe each blade (tops and bottoms) as the dust flies all over and finally settles on your floor and furniture. The clean up after that is perhaps one of the reasons you avoid cleaning your fans altogether! Well, here’s a fantastic, less messy and time-saving method to clean your fans. Take an old, shabby pillowcase and pull it over the blade; place one hand above the blade and the other underneath it, and in one steady wipe, slide the pillowcase off to remove all the dust and trap it inside! In a few seconds your fan will be cleaned, and you will have reduced the amount of household dust significantly.

3. Don’t Mop Till You Drop!

Mopping generally means having to re-dip the mop into a bucket a few times before you can finish an entire room. Using a bucket is rather inconvenient and time-consuming because you have to either lug it around or walk back and forth to wet the mop. Here’s what you do; take a clean, empty plastic bottle and mix a solution of water and floor cleaner in it. Put the cap on and use 34a poker to make a hole in it. Now, you can use this bottle to wet one half of the room and mop it up, before doing the same for the other half. It’s best you do your mopping barefoot so that your slippers don’t leave any prints as the floor dries up.

4. Gas Stove Cleaning Made Quick and Easy!

The top of your gas stove is one of the dirtiest places in your kitchen because this is where food is inevitably spilled and left to harden (since the area is too hot to clean immediately). Since you’re dealing with stuck on gunk here, the best and quickest way to clean between the burners is by using heat to loosen it. Grab a few kitchen towels and soak them in a hot, soapy solution; next, sprinkle a decent amount of baking powder over the dirty areas and place the towels over. Remember, the hotter the towels are, the faster the gunk will loosen up. Give it about 3-4 minutes before you drag the towels to one side to collect and remove the dirt. Finish off the cleaning with some dry towel to help absorb any collected water.

5. Dusting Has Never Been Quicker!

Using a rag to dust your furniture isn’t so bad; but once you’ve tried putting a sock on your hand to wipe curios and surfaces, you’ll never go back to dust rags or anything else! You can use any old pair of socks to do this; however, cotton ones work best. It’s helpful to have at least two or three socks at hand when dusting so that you can use a clean one when the first gets too dirty. Apart from socks, lint rollers make great dusting tools as well. They’re especially useful for cleaning walls and lampshades quickly.

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